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From the days of Hippocrates to the early days of the Mayo Foundation (later renamed the Mayo Clinic), some doctors have understood that so many diseases and illnesses are tied to disturbances in the digestive tract. And they understood the value of a milk diet to restore the balance of the system as a whole.

In the third edition of Milk Diet As A Remedy for Chronic Disease, published in 1911, Charles Sanford Porter, MD, outlines a detailed regimen for what was a popular cure at that time. A month of milk. Nothing but milk—in this case, cow’s milk. He describes what he felt was proper preparation for the diet, the ideal setting, how much to ingest and how to adjust the amount for optimum results, rest and exercise, even how to take the recommended daily warm baths.

This diet was not for weight loss, as the word diet nearly always implies today. It was for rebalancing, rejuvenation, renewal, reNourishment. It was to take the all-important digestive system back to a healthy state. He and other doctors of the time found this was helpful for everything from asthma to rheumatism to tuberculosis. Inflammation, poisoning, diabetes, heart disease, colitis, obesity, diseases of the brain and nervous system were all helped by this treatment. Such claims may be dismissed as quackery from a century ago. But after a century of heading down a different path, we’re now discovering the science behind the results.  We know today that the gastrointestinal system and the friendly flora found therein is essential to good health and is even tied to mental health. Does the list of diseases from 100 years ago sound like today’s ills? Diabetes, heart disease, colitis, obesity, asthma, chronic fatigue, inflammation. . . Perhaps doctors should revisit this time-tested cure.

But the catch is this: the diet only works with raw, unprocessed, natural milk. And that’s hard to find these days. Fortunately, here in California we have access to raw milk (although demand does exceed supply). And so, after much thought and research, I’ve decided to try the milk diet myself.

In future posts, I’ll describe all about why, what, and how. In the meantime, I’m off to pick up several gallons of raw milk!

Until next time~