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Today is the third annual “Real” Food Symposium, held this year at the Sheraton in Pasadena, California. The host is Elaina Luther of Culture Club 101, a tireless advocate of—and educator about—the Real Food Movement.

This is part four of the ongoing blogging today at this event. Lunch was delicious—grass-fed beef on cactus tortillas or chewy coconut tortillas (sweet and salty and surprising!), black beans, zippy chili paste handmade by our friend and neighbor Jerry deGier, fermented red cabbage and creme fraiche. Lavender kombucha washed it all down deliciously.

Dr. Dan Berisford is continuing with his demonstration on home beer brewing, while Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures is speaking to another full house about the many benefits of fresh, raw, unprocessed, clean, grass-fed milk. There is so much information in his lively talks. You can view a video interview we did with him here.

Happy raw milk consumer

Exciting news included ongoing research involving raw milk and chronic diseases. We are beginning to understand that all such disease stems from inflammation, and raw milk consumption can help in that area. Building immunity is one of the major benefits of clean raw milk consumption, and the new research is backing that up.

Organic Pastures Dairy is hosting a special event at the farm: “Campout with the Cows” over the Memorial Day Weekend, complete with an overview by Blaine McAfee (who is also here at the conference), Eco-Visit tours, a chili dinner, a sunset walk with the cows, kids’ activities and more. Sounds like fun!

Moooove over, ladies. I’m pitching my tent here! (at Organic Pastures Dairy)

We have visited Organic Pastures Dairy recently and blogged about it. We were very favorably impressed, and wish more people could experience the benefits of fresh, clean, raw, unprocessed milk. Mark McAfee encouraged the audience to get involved with RAWMI, the Raw Milk Institute, to help bring awareness of the subject and to help farmers be successful in bringing more fresh, clean, raw milk to the market.

Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy “Sharing the Raw Milk Secret”

I’ll keep you posted as the day progresses!