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Today is the third annual “Real” Food Symposium, held this year at the Sheraton in Pasadena, California. The host is Elaina Luther of Culture Club 101, a tireless advocate of and educator about the Real Food Movement.

What is “Real” Food? It’s nutrient-dense, nutritious, delicious food that sustains the body. It’s food that our ancestors would recognize and I hope it’s food that future generations will recognize as well.

The presenters and vendors are setting up, and I am looking forward to the event very much. Last year’s event was eye-opening and life-changing for me and for others, and I eagerly anticipate whatever I may learn today that may help me, my family and others as we strive to improve our health and nutrition.

I’m happy that there will be DVDs available in a few weeks. With so much information in all the different sessions, it’s nearly impossible to digest it all in one day. (Yes, bad pun intended!) I learned so much from reviewing the DVDs from last year’s Real Foods Symposium, and there are still some available.

The first session is part one of a three-part hands-on workshop covering Home Beer Brewing with Dr. Dan Berisford. He will demonstrate the basics of brewing beer from scratch, using grains and hops to make a mash, then letting it ferment naturally. No pasteurization here—he allows the fermentation to work its magic.

I’ve had the opportunity of brewing with Dan before, and he does make a delicious beer. His award-winning Coconut Stout is something to dream about, and shatters the myth of dull home brews. Dan may be a rocket scientist in his other life, but he shows that anyone with the right equipment and knowledge can brew a delicious, nutritions beverage.

A lecture by Anna Hammalian on the GAPS program will be in another room, and that room is filling to capacity. The GAPS (Gut And Psychology Syndrome) diet is becoming more widely known as people struggle to find solutions to digestive disorders and autism spectrum disorders, and are learning about the link between the gut and the brain.

Anna is, according to her Web site, “among the few health care advocates that are Certified GAPS practitioner. As a certified GAPS Practitioner, she works closely with children and adults with Autism ADD, ADHD, Asthma, Allergies, Schizophrenia, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, autoimmune disorders and much more. Through Diet, Detoxification and Supplementation, Anna has seen such beautiful transformation in her clients while healing through the GAPS program.”

Following these will be a snack break, and a chance to meet with the “Real” Food vendors at this event. Mmmm . . .

I’ll keep you posted as the day progresses!

(Most photographs in this post courtesy of Jessica Leigh)