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Although I blogged about this year’s Real Food Symposium live from the event, my fingers only move so fast and I couldn’t be in all the sessions at once; hence there was plenty I missed. So I was glad to know that all sessions were being recorded and have been looking forward to seeing the finished product. Now there’s good news for me and for those who have been asking about the Real Food Symposium DVDs—Culture Club 101 is now offering them at their store and on their Web site.

And for anyone looking for gifts, well, here’s a great idea for you! What better gift than to share the knowledge of good health.

Real Food DVD 1

They’re also offering this year’s three-DVD set plus last year’s two-DVD set in a special discounted bundle at a price that is less than the cost of admission. I was at both events and am looking forward to reviewing the presentations.

And if you weren’t there, these DVDs are helpful for learning about so many subjects that have a bearing on our health. You can get all the information but, of course, you won’t be able to taste all the wonderful food or talk to all the wonderful people . . . there’s always next year . . .

Real Food DVD 2

The third annual symposium included workshops on GAPS Cooking, Cheese Making, Kombucha, Home Beer Brewing, presentations on The GAPS Diet, Raw Milk, Beekeeping and Organic Gardening. You can read about the presentations in my earlier posts, and you can order the DVDs from Culture Club 101 here. (November 2014 Update: The only way to get these right now is through their Kickstarter page, where you can receive the DVDs as a reward for a pledge to help them expand the business).

And to review the posts and pictures from this year’s symposium, here are links to the blog posts:

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Looking forward to viewing these myself!

Until next time~