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Culture Club 101’s Go Fund Me

Our good friend and mentor Elaina formed Culture Club 101, which was unique in its offerings of traditionally-prepared, health-promoting Real Food to those near Pasadena. She then went on to organize the Real Food Symposium series, which shared valuable information with the public on various topics like “The Skinny on Fat” (the importance of good fats in the diet), cheesemaking, raw milk, brewing, fermentation, the GAPS diet, organic gardening, beekeeping, and the importance of pasture-raised animal products.

Elaina has a goal of reaching and helping even more people, opening a retail business and cafe with space for educational classes. She has the location and is starting the process of getting plans and permits. This will be a resource for traditional, nutrient-dense Real Food:

a commercial kitchen for traditional Real Food preparation;

a store where you can find all your Real Food pantry essentials, supplies and equipment-advice and troubleshooting included;

a training, mentoring, and learning center;

a cafe and tasting room for pop-up dinners;

expanded product offerings and home deliveries.

Yes, this is a lofty goal, and they need our help.

With that in mind, she has launched a Go Fund Me Campaign that will help realize this goal. If you, like us, feel strongly about the importance of Real Foods, please join us in helping this cause. There are valuable rewards offered for different levels of pledges, and I would highly recommend the Real Food Symposium DVD sets as rewards. As each symposium helped me put the puzzle together, the knowledge on each DVD would also help you on your journey to optimal health.

If this important cause is something you believe in, make sure to pledge your help in the next few weeks and become part of the Real Food Revolution.

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