On July 3rd, 2014, the club, licensed by the Pasadena Public Health Department in 2011, was shut down because it was said not to be in alignment with a reinterpretation of the rules with respect to private clubs. At the same time it was inspected and given permission on the spot to operate as a retail location. The only hitch was that it did not meet the zoning requirements for the area. Only zoning restrictions prevent it from re-opening as a retail location, so it needs to move locations. And that costs money. 

Source: www.gofundme.com

Culture Club 101 was a licensed private culinary club in Pasadena that provided its members with a way to buy real cultured foods (like sauerkraut, healthy cultured sodas, etc.) readymade. The club also held educational classes so that its members could learn how to make their own fermented foods, yogurts, keifers, gluten free foods and healthy treats.  Members had access to a library and information nights with speakers and films. The Club vetted other resources such as pasture raised meats, raw milk and sprouted grains so that without having to do their own research, members could purchase real foods from around the US. Elaina was the tireless impresario behind the Real Food Symposium series that helped so many, and now she needs your help to continue her valuable services. Click through to read more!

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