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It’s no secret that as a society we have some serious health issues, and try as we might to fix them, we don’t seem to have the answers. Opposing theories abound, with rabid activists on both sides blindly ignoring facts.

Image courtesy of Bought

Image courtesy of Bought

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were promoted as the future of food, yet for millions of marching moms, they are dangerous “Frankenfoods”. “Roundup-ready” crops seemed like a boon for farmers, who could plant crops and spray at will without fear of losing the plants. Others warn that the glyphosate in the spray stays with the food, destroying our gastrointestinal flora and with that, our immune systems. Treated seeds grow into pest-free crops, yet we are losing bees at an alarming rate. Food additives prolong shelf life—or do they promote behavioral problems and obesity? Diabetes, psychological disorders, dementias, autism and other debilitating diseases are skyrocketing and we don’t seem to know why. Some point fingers at vaccinations; others point fingers at anti-vaccinators.

Perhaps it’s not so simple—not just one thing, and not the same for each individual. And right now (for the most part), we enjoy the freedom to choose which options work best for us and for our families. But what if those freedoms were taken away?

For those of us who spend time researching what’s best for our families—and again, that may be different for each family—we know it’s often a challenge to hear more than one side of the story. The crowdfunded documentary Bought addresses these topics and more, with commentary from doctors, researchers, and those with personal experience. It’s worth a watch.

And for a few days, you can watch it for free at www.boughtmovie.net.

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