It’s Canada Day! We’re celebrating with a lot more than maple syrup (but there’s maple syrup on this list, too).

For those of us who grew up in Canada but live elsewhere, this day brings on a bit of nostalgia. Memories of the food of one’s childhood can be a big part of that, and this article (and its accompanying recipes) made me pause (and drool just a little). Much of what’s on this list does not fall within any category of healthful, but even reading about the butter tarts, Nanaimo bars and poutine (without imbibing!) brings warm memories. I might just go cure some salmon, though—that one sounds particularly good right now!

Here is the article, courtesy of Food 52.

Today in Canada, it’s all parades, festivals, concerts, and fireworks: It’s Canada Day! Whether you’re in Canada now, a Canadian expat living elsewhere, or just looking for something to celebrate, fête the country’s national day with a lot more than maple syrup (though there’s maple syrup on this list, too). Here are recipes for 8 Canada-inspired snacks—some national dishes, some nationally inspired.

Grandma Joan’s Butter Tarts by crepesofwrath

Butter tarts

Maple Cream by Carey Nershi

Maple cream

Vegetarian Poutine by Heather Hands


Beet-Cured Salmon by Derek Laughren


Homemade Bagels by Kenzi Wilbur


Ridiculously Easy Macaroni and Cheese by mrslarkin


Maple Sorbet by HCR


Nanaimo Bars by buttermeupbk

Nanaimo Bars

Happy Canada Day! What’s your favo(u)rite Canadian food?

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