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There’s a growing community of people who are concerned about our food, our health and the health of the next generation. Avoiding pesticides and other harmful chemicals in our foods, avoiding “food” that may be tasty and convenient but is killing us slowly, avoiding harmful processing that strips the nutrients from food, and treating the land and animals with the respect it all deserves all plays a big part in our health.

I recently had the opportunity to interview several professionals on this topic. This short video helps explain some of the importance of such a community, showcasing some personal journeys to health via Real Food (traditionally-prepared, nutrient-dense, minimally processed natural foods), with a focus on one person who has made enormous contributions in this field.

One of the champions of the Real Food movement, Elaina Luther, formed Pasadena’s Culture Club 101 in 2008. It is unique in its offerings of traditionally-prepared, health-promoting Real Food and ancestral cuisine, as well as being a community where people can purchase traditional foods, learn about healthful food preparation, and just talk with others about this topic and grow in understanding.

Elaina then went on to organize the Real Food Symposium series, which shares valuable information with the public on various topics like “The Skinny on Fat” (the importance of good fats in the diet), cheesemaking, raw milk, brewing, fermentation, the GAPS diet, organic gardening, beekeeping, and the importance of pasture-raised animal products.

She has a goal of reaching and helping even more people, opening a retail business and cafe with space for educational classes. This will be a resource for traditional, nutrient-dense Real Food:

a commercial kitchen for traditional Real Food preparation;

a store where you can find all your Real Food pantry essentials, supplies and equipment-advice and troubleshooting included;

a training, mentoring, and learning center;

a cafe and tasting room for pop-up dinners;

expanded product offerings and home deliveries.

And we’re so excited to see that construction has begun on the new facility!

But she needs some help. If you, like us, feel strongly about the importance of Real Food, please join us in helping this cause. You can join us and become part of the Real Food Revolution through the CC101  Go Fund Me Campaign that will help realize this goal.

If you are new to Real Foods and want to learn more about how food affects health, I would highly recommend the Real Food Symposium DVD sets. As each symposium helped me put the puzzle together, the knowledge on each DVD would also help you on your journey to optimal health.

Until next time~

P.S. One important question (and answer!) from CC101: I don’t live in Pasadena or even Southern California. Why should I donate to save Culture Club 101?

CC101 was much more than just a small private culinary club in Pasadena.  It was an important grassroots seed and model that was creating change in our much corrupted commercial food system from the ground up.  It taught its members what was possible in nutrient dense foods free from chemicals and additives that negatively impact health.  As it is one of many change agents around the country that are intent upon creating enough market demand to make changes to our commercial food system.  Already that impact is being felt by the increased demand for Non-GMO and organic foods.  By its very existence CC101 impacts this kind of change throughout the country.  It is a model that can be duplicated.  Interested folks can come here for mentoring and to experience what is possible.