About re:Nourishment

It’s about real food and nourishment of the body, mind and spirit. It’s about nourishment of our relationships with others and our relationship with our environment. It’s about nourishment of the planet we live off of and live on. It’s about renewal and rejuvenation—getting things back to the way they should be.

While spending several months in Switzerland and France, Ali was called a “bon vivant” because of her interest in learning about and enjoying the food, culture and history of the areas where she lived. Several decades later, having raised delightfully vivacious children to adulthood with her husband, renovating several homes, adopting numerous dogs, chickens, cats, horses, rabbits, reptiles and a guinea pig, running small artsy businesses, and now writing and editing regularly, she is still learning. She has diplomas for some of her education and gray hairs for the rest. And now as she continues to explore life’s possibilities and responsibilities, she enjoys sharing thoughts and ideas on life with others through this blog.

1 thought on “About re:Nourishment”

  1. Jack Kelle said:

    I’ve enjoyed your coverage of the benefits of raw milk. I recently just finished working on an infographic that explores some amazing facts concerning milk, both pasteurized and raw. I thought I would share it with you in the hopes you might make some use of it. Here’s the link: http://onlinemastersinpublichealth.com/milk-matters/



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